Meet Monarto Zoo’s adorable bilby twins

We’re hopping with excitement to introduce you to the newest members of the Monarto Zoo family, bouncing Greater Bilby twins born to doting mum Abi. The adorable siblings are among ten bilbies to be born at Monarto and Adelaide Zoos over…

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Meet Monarto Zoo’s newest resident

Meet Innes the Cheetah! Arriving from National Zoo and Aquarium, Innes brings our total Cheetah coalition to six. Keepers say he is settling in well and hope he will one day play an important role as part of the international breeding program…

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Baby boom for Monarto Zoo’s Eland

What could possibly be better than an adorable Eland calf? How about nine! Monarto Zoo is celebrating the birth of nine of these amazing antelopes last month, with a few more expected to join our herd of 20 over the…

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Chimpmas cheer at Monarto Zoo

Monarto Zoo’s cheeky chimps received an early Christmas surprise today as Santa Claus made the first stop on his present-delivery schedule. Our troop of eight chimps have been extra good this year to make sure the chimp habitat was the…

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Saving the White Rhino

Hopes are high for the pitter-patter of little rhino feet at Monarto Zoo as our male and female White Rhinos are introduced for the breeding season. Monarto Zoo’s keeping team is working to to continue our White Rhino breeding success with…

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World Rhino Day

Monarto Zoo wins People’s Choice Awards

We’re roaring with excitement to let you know Monarto Zoo has been awarded the People’s Choice Award at the 2016 Brand South Australia Regional Awards. The awards celebrate the achievements of those who have made significant contributions to regional South Australia and we…

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Enzi turns one!

Today at Monarto Zoo, we partied chimp-style to celebrate a very special occasion. Enzi our beautiful baby chimp turned one! Keepers treated the birthday boy to a party complete with presents, a watermelon cake and decorations. Zoo staff went to great…

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Nutella thriving in the wild post-release

We’re delighted to share the news one of Monarto Zoo’s former residents is thriving in the wild!  Nutella, one of our female Tasmanian Devils, was released in late August at Stony Head on Tasmania’s north coast. Two weeks ago, Nutella was…

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Four Przewalski’s Horse foals born this year

Keepers at Monarto Zoo are delighted to announce the birth of four Przewalski’s Horse foals born this year. The Przewalski’s horse, which is native to Mongolia, is the world’s only remaining wild horse. Monarto Zoo Senior Ungulate Keeper Mark Mills said Monarto Zoo…

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Enzi close up

A chimp’s life

Monarto Zoo’s chimp troop is like a second family to Senior Chimpanzee Keeper, Laura Hanley. Having worked with the chimps for since the first males arrived at the zoo in 2009, she knows all the ins and outs of daily…

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tassie devil joet

Meet our handsome little devils!

Four adorable little devils have joined the Monarto Zoo family! Last week, four Tasmanian Devil joeys received their first health check where they were weighed, micro-chipped and given a visual check by our veterinary and keeping team. The check-up also…

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A Devilish Native Experience

Tassie Devil released into the wild

This week our Natives Keeping Team at Monarto Zoo was involved with a very special project. Reuben, one of our male Tasmanian Devils, was chosen for wild-release in Tasmania as part of the Wild Devil Recovery Project. Listed as endangered in…

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African Wild Dog Pups April 2016

Puppy love at Monarto Zoo

There’s a new top dog at Monarto Zoo – or rather four! We are excited to announce the arrival of four adorable African Wild Dog puppies. Born to mum, Kibi, and dad, Jengo, on 13 January 2016, the perfect puppies…

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Future Not So Blue For Rare Reptile!

Zoos SA is thrilled to announce a world-first for conservation with the successful captive breeding of the endangered Pygmy Blue-tongue Lizard at Monarto Zoo. The birth of 14 lizards this year is the first time the species has been successfully…

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Enzi 5

Enzi the Adventurous!

Monarto Zoo Senior Primate Keeper Laura Hanley shares how our adorable chimp infant Enzi is growing up before our eyes! Each day Enzi is getting more mobile and adventurous. At nearly four and a half months old, he’s growing up fast!…

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Get Back to Nature This School Holidays

Budding jungle explorers can run wild this school holidays with the opening of Adelaide’s hottest new kids attraction at Adelaide Zoo, Nature’s Playground. To kick off the school holidays, little monkeys can discover the nature inspired play equipment with climbing…

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Help Name our Little Chimp!

The newest member of the Monarto Zoo Chimpanzee troop, a bouncing baby boy, needs a name, and zoo keepers would like help from the public to find him a befitting name. Born on 19 October, the male infant is the…

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Brave Boon

Last week, I compiled an article to update everyone on the continuation of the Monarto Chimpanzee journey over the last few weeks.  It is with a heavy heart that I share the news of Boon’s passing in the early hours…

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Monarto Zoo Mourns Chimpanzee Infant

Monarto Zoo is mourning the loss of Boon, one of the recently born Chimpanzee infants, after he passed away early yesterday morning. Zoo staff are extremely saddened by the loss as the infant’s passing marks a heartbreaking end to a…

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Monarto Zoo Chimpanzee Infant 20-10-15

Second Bundle of Joy for Monarto Chimps

Monarto Zoo is celebrating the birth of a Chimpanzee infant, born the evening of Monday 19 October to seasoned mum Zombi. The male infant is the second Chimpanzee infant born at the zoo in recent weeks. A male infant, Boon,…

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Soona’s Gift

On Friday 9 October we lost an amazing member of the Monarto Chimpanzee troop. Soona Boona as she was affectionately known arrived at Monarto in November of 2010 from the Burgers Zoo. Although Soona was born at Burgers she spent a…

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Miracle Chimp Makes Public Debut

To mark the public debut of Monarto Zoo’s miracle Chimpanzee infant, zoo keepers have bestowed the little man with a special and befitting name – Boon. The orphaned infant, whose mum Soona tragically passed away Friday shortly after giving birth…

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Monarto Zoo Mourns Loss of Chimpanzee

It is with much sadness that we announce the passing of our 19 year old female Chimpanzee Soona, who was expecting her first infant. Miraculously, Soona’s infant has survived and expectant female Zombi is currently caring for it. The Chimpanzee…

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Monarto Rhino Calf Makes Public Debut

Monarto Zoo’s newest member of the rhino family, a two week old Southern White Rhinoceros, will meet the public for the first time this week. Having enjoyed some private time with her mum, Umqali, in an off-limits area to give…

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Big Bundle of Joy Debuts at Monarto

Monarto Zoo is celebrating the birth of an endangered Southern White Rhinoceros calf born in the early hours of Saturday 12 September to mother Umqali. The birth of the zoo’s fifth rhino calf kicks off an exciting time at Monarto…

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Merry Chimp-mas from Monarto Zoo

‘Twas two nights before Christmas and all through the zoo, not a creature was stirring, not even a roo. The keepers had decorated the chimp yard with care, for the chimps were waiting with anticipation to get out there. Monarto…

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Zuri Celebrates her Second Birthday

Monarto Zoo is abuzz with excitement today as it prepares for a very special birthday party in honour of its young Chimpanzee’s second birthday. Zoo staff have gone to great lengths in preparing for cheeky chimp Zuri’s special day creating…

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Monarto Zoo Celebrates World Ranger Day

World Ranger Day commemorates wildlife rangers killed or injured in the line of duty, and celebrates the work rangers do to protect some of the world’s most endangered animals. Zoos South Australia (Zoos SA) in partnership with the Northern Rangelands…

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Please help us build Karta’s guard post so that Karta can be a guardian for her wild cousins. via @Chuffed

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