Monarto Zoo mourns the loss of Southern White Rhino

Monarto Zoo is mourning the loss of our 18-month-old Southern White Rhino Tundu, who tragically passed away yesterday. Preliminary results indicate Tundu experienced significant internal blood loss, most likely from a traumatic injury, possibly caused by some incident involving the…

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Welcome to a not-so-little giraffe calf

We are thrilled to announce the birth of an adorable giraffe calf at Monarto Zoo. Born at 10:45am this morning to fourth-time mum Myeisha, the calf is the first giraffe born at Monarto Zoo in eight years. Giraffe keeper Vaughan…

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Five Cheetah cubs born at Monarto Zoo

Five incredibly cute and feisty felines have joined the Monarto Zoo family, with the birth of a healthy litter of Cheetah cubs to first-time mum Kesho. Born on Friday, 24 March, the almost two-week-old cubs are an exciting addition to…

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Baby boom at Monarto Zoo

 Over the past month, our ungulate keeping team has been kept busy, with the birth of a Przewalski’s Horse foal, Addax and Scimitar-horned Oryx! Born on 13 March, the adorable Przewalski’s Horse foal is one of more than 50 of the species to…

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Humans might be ducking for cover in all the rainy weather, but Kath the Galah is absolutely loving it!

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