Four Przewalski’s Horse foals born this year

Keepers at Monarto Zoo are delighted to announce the birth of four Przewalski’s Horse foals born this year. The Przewalski’s horse, which is native to Mongolia, is the world’s only remaining wild horse. Monarto Zoo Senior Ungulate Keeper Mark Mills said Monarto Zoo…

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A chimp’s life

Monarto Zoo’s chimp troop is like a second family to Senior Chimpanzee Keeper, Laura Hanley. Having worked with the chimps for since the first males arrived at the zoo in 2009, she knows all the ins and outs of daily…

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Meet our handsome little devils!

Four adorable little devils have joined the Monarto Zoo family! Last week, four Tasmanian Devil joeys received their first health check where they were weighed, micro-chipped and given a visual check by our veterinary and keeping team. The check-up also…

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Today we took conservation to the streets! Zoo keepers Nic and Laura visited workplaces like @TheAdelaideOval to co…

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